Why Thumb Bands?

Wearing the TEXTING KILLS thumb band or wrist band will remind you every time you reach for your phone that if you're behind the wheel, texting is a dumb idea! It's that simple. Show your friends and family that you're a text free driver and support safer, text free roads by wearing your texting thumb bands and wrist bands!

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How Much Are The Bands?

That's a great question, and the answer is it depends. The more you order, the better the prices get. Texting Thumb Bands, as well as stickers, range in price from $1.50 to $.18 each. Here is the breakdown:

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Attention Schools & Government Agencies

We work with schools and law enforcement agencies all across North America and we gladly accept PO's for ordering. Order online or by phone: 800-477-9409. We can help you plan your successful texting and driving campaign so you can help make the drivers in your area text-free while behind the wheel!

Text Free Driving Safety Products

Our mission is to make the roads safer for everyone by stopping the dangerous behavior of texting and driving - a major factor in hundreds of thousands of injuries every year and thousands of deaths across the country.

The best way to stop the behavior is to change people's attitude and the best way to change their attitude is through education and reminders of just how dangerous it is to text while driving. Our resources are designed to do just that and are very effective.

"TXTNG KILLS" Thumb Bands

describe the image "TXTNG KILLS" Thumb Bands: Available in 8 colors - red, blue,  green, black, white, pink, purple and yellow - all bands are two colors so the message is easy to read and really stands out. These thumb bands send a very clear message about the dangers of texting and driving. The bands are very comfortable and fit almost all thumb sizes.

Stickers & Bumper Stickers

Bumper Sticker[1] resized 600 "DNT TXT N DRV" stickers and bumbper stickers are a great way to show those around you that you don't text and drive and they shouldn't either! All stickers are UV coated for a good, long-lasting look and are available in different sizes for your car or on notebooks.

"JST DRV" Thumb Bands

IMAG0277 resized 600  "JST DRV" thumb bands are designed to look like a road with a very  important message - Just Drive! The bands are grey with yellow and are designed to be very comfortable and fit almost all thumb sizes. The bands are 100% silicone.

"DNT TXT N DRV" Thumb Bands

IMAG0268 resized 600 "DNT TXT N DRV" thumb bands look cool and have a great and very specific message for  drivers. Don't text and drive, it's that simple! Bands are very comfortable and fit almost all thumb sizes.

"W8 2 TXT" Thumb Bands

W8 2 TXT thumb bands"W8 2 TXT" Thumb Bands have become very popular over the past 6 months with schools and other community outreach programs that want to remind teens that they need to WAIT TO TEXT if they are driving.

Don't Text And Drive T shirt

describe the imageNow you can even show the world that you're a text free driver with the shirt you're wearing! The texting and driving t shirt has a great message and is very stylish. All black, 100% soft cotton shirt is great for texting and driving campaign leaders too!

Texting Wrist Bands

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describe the image   Texting wrist bands have 2 great message: W8 2 TXT on one side and TXTNG KILLS on the other. They also work great as texting deterrent's on your phone when you are not wearing them! Wrist bands are available in glow in the dark and red/black swirl.