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Texting Accidents Can Land You In Jail, Even If You're Not At Fault

Posted by Robert Edgin on Sat, Jul 02, 2011 @ 10:12 AM

This is a true story:

It's a beautiful afternoon as you're driving down the road on the way to a school activity. You're approaching an intersection. The light is green, you scan the other lanes for cars but it's a quiet day and there are no other cars in sight. You see a pedestrian standing on the sidewalk about 100 yards in front of you but pay him no attention because he's off the road, just standing there minding his own business.

You cross through the intersection, excited to get to the school and see your girlfriend. What happens next is somewhat of a blur, but somehow the pedestrian on the side of the road has ended up in front of you. You're not speeding but you have not time to stop. Before you know it the pedestrian is on the hood of your car, then hitting the windshield, then being thrown over the back of the car before landing behind you.

The pedestrian is dead. Someone runs out of a store to ask if you're okay and lets you know they saw the whole thing. "That guy stepped out right in fornt of you...almost like they did it on purpose" they say. You're in shock, unable to comprehend what had just happened. You know you weren't speeding and were driving very cautiously, but someone is dead.

The police and paramedics arrive and begin to check you for injuries and do their best to help the pedestrian before pronouncing his time of death. Thankfully the witness has stayed by your side, proclaiming your innocence to the police as they take her statement. "I saw him walking towards the street looking as if he was going to jump in front of the car" she explanis. As the police take your statement they ask why you did not see the man walking towards the street before he jumped in front of you, but you don't have an answer. You just didn't see him.

A few days later the police knock at your door to let you know ttexting and driving is dangeroushey pulled your phone records from the day of the accident. "You did not see the pedestrian because you were texting and driving at the time of the accident" they tell you. "We know you were texting back and forth with your girlfriend. We have the phone logs and we've already confiscated her phone and confirmed that you were engaged in a conversation while you were driving."

It's true, you were texting. There was no one else around, the light was green, you were going the speed limit and driving safely in your lane. You only looked down for a second and then you heard a loud noise, looked up and saw the pedestrian already on the hood of your car. He came out of nowhere, you just didn't see him!

And that's exactly why the police investigated your phone records. There were no skid marks until after the collision. You didn't even try to slow down because you were not looking at the road, you were looking at your phone. Now you find out that the district attorney is looking into the evidence, considering pressing charges for vehicular homicide.

Over the next few months, you grow to hate your girlfriend because she's being forced to testify against you in the upcoming trial. You know she's been instructed not to speak to you about the case or she could face trouble of her own but you don't care, you don't ever want to speak to her again. You're parents have already spent thousands of dollard on attorney's fees and you haven't even gone to trial yet. You haven't driven in months because the courts suspended your license pending the verdict of the trial. You're facing years behind bars for vehicular homicide even though you've got a witness claiming the pedestrian jumped in front of your car on purpose.

Your life has changed forever. Your senior year of school has ended and graduation has come and gone and what was supposed to be the best few months of your life has become the worst, all because you were texting and driving.

The above story is true and the boy driving is currently waiting to stand trial. The boy lives in a state where texting and driving is illegal and state officials are cracking down on texting and driving accidents, especially those involving fatalities. Even though it appears that the pedestrian intentionally jumped in front of the car, the driver had no chance to react because he wasn't looking at the road.

Texting and driving takes your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds at a time. Truthfully, chances are that if the driver above was looking at the road instead of his phone the pedestrian would still be dead. If he really did jump in front of the car there was not much the driver could have done about it. But unfortunately the driver didn't see it happen. He never even tried to stop because he wasn't looking at the road.

Texting and driving is illegal for a reason and brings serious consequences to those who break the law and text while driving. Don't make the same mistake as the driver above, no text is worth it.

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