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2011 Texting Thumb Bands Year In Review

Posted by Robert Edgin on Sun, Jan 29, 2012 @ 02:26 PM

‎2011 was a great year for texting thumb bands and a lot of great progress was made towards stopping texting and driving. Here's the year in review:
We traveled to DC in May last year, launching the Decade of Action Tourists get thumb bandswith the United Nations and NOYS to help educate drivers about the dangers of Distracted Driving. While in DC, we handed out thumb bands to tourists as they checked out the Capital and met with politicians on Capital Hill and networked with others to get the message out.
Thumb bands visit San Francisco In San Francisco we handed out TXTNG  KILLS Thumb Bands to travelers on the famous Cable Cars. In MI and FL more bands and information on the Million Pledge Mission ( was passed out.
Back to DC in Oct with NOYS to meet with 200+ high school students to share information that they could take back to their schools with the tools needed to start Distracted Driving Campaigns. While in DC, we were invited to Congress Woman Wilson's (FL) office and discussed the dangers of Texting While Driving and gave out TXTNG KILLS Thumb Bands and other materials.
In Denver, we attended the FCCLA Clutser meeting and handed out over 2000 TXTNG KILLS, DNT TXT N DRV and JST DRV Thumb Bands. Then off to Atlanta, GA for the next FCCLA Cluster meeting. About 3000 Thumb Bands were given to young people and teachers.
We shipped to Law Enforcement, Hospitals, Colleges, High Schools, SADD Chapters, EM units, Fire Dept's, Grand Parents, Mom's and Dad's, Insurance Agencies and Doctor offices in the US and Canada. We partnered with radio stations in CT, WY and MT to help spread the word about the growing problem and dangers of Distracted Driving.
In the last quarter of 2011, we partnered with a National fast food franchise that has launched a W8 2 TXT campaign that will be giving out Thumb Bands and Wrist Bands to their customers.
Blog's on national television web sites have hundred's of entries about the dangers of Texting While Driving. We have received many stories on the and FaceBook site ( from those that have lost loved one's. Our hope for 2012 is to see these stories drop to almost 0.
Every day we ship TXTNG KILLS Thumb Bands all across the US and have received inquires from other countries, yet the deaths and injuries of Texting While Driving continues. As parents, grandparents, friends, educators and concerned neighbor' to those you know who Drive While Distracted about the dangers to themselves and those around them. Send everyone to and for more information. Help us get the message out. Sign the Pledge to stop TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. Have a great 2012 and DNT TXT N DRV.

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