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"I Wish I Never Saw It" - By London Parent

Posted by Robert Edgin on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 05:46 PM

I often times forget that texting and driving is a worldwide problem and not just something we have to deal with here in the United States. This email from London was a stark reminder of the deadly consequences of texting and driving, both here and abroad.

"Today is january 10th and at 50 yrs old I saw something I never want to see ever again.
this was the saddest day I have lived. I got a job at a place that processes smashed cars and trucks and vans. Its the step before the scarp heap or resold to a place for parts

I did see a lot of blood in cars and knowing it was adults it really does not bother me too much. I was sent to an area sectioned off as the "death row" i saw horrible damage and you can tell why they call it this, everyone dies in these crashes. exposed transmissions and engines some cut open by jaws of life some with stained bandages and a lot of blood dried everywhere.

I saw a van that looked like it got a t bone hit on the passenger side and drivers door was hit also this impact was easily 100 km per hour. When I looked in the passenger rear sliding door window I found a infant car seat. Straps were cut to remove the child, the cuts were very frantic like a person trying very hard to cut them. The baby seat was half its original width in the middle and was obviously twisted out of shape from the impact. Then as I looked closer the brown car seat was covered in blood which dries reddish brown and the inside roof had a blood splatter above where the seat was originally sitting the blood was a high speed platter. and then as I looked away i saw a teething ring beside the seat. this child was less than a year old.

I lost it right then and there i just sat down and cried. this was so overwhelming. I have seen a lot of death in my life and a lot of accidents when I drove limo. but this was a whole new sight for me, I don t know how first responders do it. I wouldn't last long as a paramedic.

I regained my composure and told my boss what i saw out back and he said yeah that one bothers even the toughest guys in the yard thats why it is way in back. I asked what caused the crash and he said the guy that brought it in on the flat bed tow truck told him it was a texting thing. The parent was sending a message and drove into a intersection with a red light got hit at the rear passenger door first and hit by second truck on the drivers door. he said they did not die on impact, but both died in a few hours and it really bothered everyone that saw the inside. very few dry eyes.

I have used my phone while driving because i thought it was important at the time. but after today the phone goes completely off from now on. I never ever want to be the person responsible for this kind of destruction. I hope more people follow my lead on this. NO MORE TEXTING AND DRIVING our children and babies are getting killed because of this.

London Parent"

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