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New Partnership With TextNinja!

Posted by Robert Edgin on Tue, Nov 29, 2016 @ 03:47 PM

Texting Thumb Bands is proud to announce our new partnership with TextNinja in order to ramp up our fight against texting and driving! Now, in addition to reminding drivers of the dangers of texting and driving and educating them through campaigns across the country, TextNinja is helping us provide an added solution to the problem of texting and driving!


TextNinja approaches the problem of distracted driving with positive incentives to drive behavior change. "Giving drivers a team-focused reason to stop texting behind the wheel is a powerful way to drive change. We’re in this together, so we should be fixing it together (it’s not the first time we’ve said “social solution to a social problem”)."

Be on the look out for more information about the upcoming TextNinja challenge, and check out all that the TextNinja can do to help keep the drivers in your home, school, office and city from texting and driving! Click here:

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