Frequently ASked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we get:

Who Are You & Why Do You Have This Site?

  We are a family dedicated to stopping drivers from texting and driving in North America. I originally became aware, and then concerned, and then extremely concerned about the dangers of texting and driving as my daughter was photo girl3 resized 600approaching the age to get her driver's license.  Between my daughter's 15th and 16th birthdays, she had a friend who was involved in a fatal accident and she herself was the passenger in a single car accident. I began researching teen driving and looking for ways to make sure my baby girl would make it home safe every time she drove off without me in the car. My research scared the living daylights out of me! I was looking for every possible way to make my daughter a better driver in order to get her home safe, but I learned that most teens injured or killed in car accidents are not drivers - they are the passengers! That's when I made it a mission to make every driver that my daughter might ride with a safer driver. It seemed like a daunting task, but my research led me to a valuable insight!


Why Focus On Texting and Driving?

  I learned that distracted driving, and especially texting while driving, was a factor in 80% of all teen crashes. Teens had the highest instance of single car accidents and were the most likely to text and drive because:

  1. Texting is the preferred form of communication for teens and they send and receive an average of tens of thousands of texts per month.
  2. Teens did not understand the true danger of texting while driving and therefore had a high tendency to do it.

Focusing on the single biggest cause of teen accidents seemed like the logical place to start, so stopping texting and driving became our family mission. If I can help reduce the number of accidents my daughter may be involved in by 80%, that is something I can feel pretty good about when I send her off by herself or as a passenger in a friend's car.


What Is The Million Pledge Mission?MPM Flyer resized 171

  The Million Pledge Mission is our nationwide hope of getting 1,000,000 drivers to commit to being safe, text free drivers which will make the roads safer for everyone in North America. Our hope is to have Ellen DeGeneres be the 1,000,000th signer of our text free driving pledge.


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